Non-playing Characters (NPC)
Mandara Village


NPC Name
Additional Info

Blacksmith Vartan

Sells/repairs weapons
Explains how to buy and train weapons

Tradesman Buvan

Stores items
Teaches gamers how to change goods

Craftsman Kirika

Sells/repairs defense items
Discusses how to buy and repair defense items

Pharmacist Karan

Sells medicine
Shares information on magic animals and the development of tribal skills

Jeweler Ashuri

Peddles jewelry, stones, upgrade items, arrows
Explains the use of accessories, supporting ingredients, and the sacrificial altar

Priest Vananta
Allows the user to select a master god, create an ashram, create an ashram emblem, manages master points and master skills
Reveals the concept of pranas, chakras, and casting

Memory Maiden
Saves current location

Defense General Apvas
In charge of the village security. Gives the player his/her first job.

Security Soldier Abhei
Guards Mandara Village
Gives information about the village and the village people.

Security Soldier Kumar
Guards Mandara Village
Explains the concept of hunting

The dancing kid prodigy

Anjali Reaka
Kid sister of Mahomet from Shambala Castle

Security Soldier Kananta

Guards the Convention Center

Security Soldier Badru
Guards Sporvada


NPC Location within the Mandara Village