Definition of Terminologies


Chakras refer to the four attributes of that are given to the characters.

Seven chakra points are initially given for each new character created. An additional five points are given every time a character gains another level. Gamers have a free hand to allocate the chakra points according to their preference and need.


The four chakras are as follows:

1. Muscle – Physical Damage
2. Nerve - Agility and Dexterity
3. Heart - Vitality/Life
4. Mental - Magic Attack and Resistance


Basic Terms:

1. HP - Health Points
2. TP (Tapas) - Mana Points
3. PR (Pranas) - Experience Points
4. Rupiah - Game Currency
5. Ashram - Guild
6. PK - Player Kill
7. MP - Master Points
8. AP - Attack personality, otherwise known as hit rate or accuracy.
9. AS - Attack success, gained through Om Yantra upgrades at the temple.



  • COHA - Chabi of Holy Army, belt given as a quest reward.
  • Dips or Dipa - dipa illas, 1-3 upgrade item.
  • Beans or Magic Beans - illa or dipa illa, upgrade items.
  • JOL - Jewel of Life, used for resurrection.
  • Kau Belt - Leather Hira of Caulitara, rare belt with HP regen attributes.
  • RCOL - Roha Chabi of Life, rare belt with HP regen and +HP attributes.
  • RCOS - Roha Chabi of Spells, rare belt with TP regen attributes.
  • ROTB - Ring of the Brave, quest item.
  • RUPS - rupiahs



  • Orcs - Ulkamukha family of Monstruos, green orc-like mobs in Shambala.
  • Blue Orcs - Urga Ulkamukha family of Monstruos, blue orc-like mobs in Shambala.
  • Dinos - Kaulitaras, found in Land of Mara in Shambala.
  • Witches or Banshees - Pizac Agganas & Aggana Taras, found in the
    Land of Mara in Shambala.
  • Flying Monks - Ghorayogis, found in Shambala Dungeon.
  • Zombies - Pisacis and Pisaci Cauras, found in Mandara Dungeon Level 2.
  • Mouse or Mice - Zaku and Zaku Gosu, found in Jina.
  • Tigers - Borangis and Byokbos, found in Jina.
  • Lady Ghosts - Choniokusins, found in Jina's Tower of Silence and
    Pamir's Mantra Temple.
  • Apes - Sinkiu and Sinkiu Gosu, found in Jina.
  • China Labormen or Wolf - Zinmon and Zinmon Gosu, found in Jina.
  • Liz, Lizzies, or Lizards - Sobariung and Sobariung Gosu, found in Pamir.
  • Cows - Ban and Ban Gosu, found in Pamir.
  • Monks - Kubasang, found in Pamir.
  • Bats - Kyukrong and Kyukrong Gosu, found in Pamir.
  • Bulls - Ban Zangkun or Ban Dopang, found in Exile.
  • Foxes - Zonbu, found in Exile.
  • Trees or Weeds or Sibuyas - Bongbo, found in Exile.
  • Flowers - Baoku, found in Exile.
  • Yombis -Yomrabyang, found in Exile.



  • Gandhi - Arzuna, Ghorayogi boss in Shambala Dungeon.
  • Medusa or Rebulto - Digamvara, Azna Heruka boss in Shambala.
  • Gundam 1/60 - Sari, Ananga Dvanta boss in Shambala.
  • Chuckie - Astamu, Sinkiu Gosu boss in Jina.
  • Fish Boss - Sestaku, Mangriang boss in Jina.
  • Taipupu or Taiputs - Taiputa, Ban Gosu boss in Pamir.
  • Shredder - Nuzagama, boss at Indra Temple in Pamir.
  • Godzilla or Gojira - Purtika, Sobariung Gosu boss in Pamir.
  • Sadako - Puriyo, Choniokusin boss in Pamir.
  • Batman - Shumitrama, Kyukrong Gosu boss in Pamir.
  • Nine Tails - Nayavasan, Zonbu boss in Exile.
  • Bonsai - Sukam, Bongbo boss in Exile.
  • Buknoy - Sari, the Dvanta Ananga boss in Holy Barracks.
  • Godzilla - Ddweza, the Caulitara Boss.
  • Kitty - Vatur, the white tiger boss in Jina.


Kruma/God War:

  • FL - front line, also referred to as front.
  • 43 - fortress or fort (four tres).
  • RAX - barracks.
  • SFL - Shiva front line.
  • SB or S Rax - Shiva barracks.
  • VFL - Vishnu front line.
  • VB or V Rax - Vishnu barracks.
  • BFL - Brahma front line.
  • BB or B Rax - Brahma barracks.
  • Guard War - when defending players depend solely on castle/fort guards to survive.
  • Chatu - Chaturanga, the city in the sky.



  • Sight or Detect - Asura/Rakshasa/Deva/Garuda skill that lets you
    see invisible opponents.
  • Cookie or Kuki - Umasamate, Satya Naga/Kimnara damage redirect skill.
  • Boom - used to describe any offensive skill that goes critical.
  • Blue Cross - Jama, Deva/Garuda Samabat TP regen skill, the icon
    has a blue heart with a cross.
  • Doggie - Deva/Garuda Samabat summon, technically a stone/gold lion rather
    than a dog, may also refer to Asura/Rakshasa Karya wolf summon.
  • JT - Jama Tirika, Karya Asura/Rakshasa TP drain and damage skill.
  • Siopao - Deva/Garuda Samabat TP cost reduction skill, the icon
    looks like the aforementioned Chinese dish.
  • Knockback - Mantraka, the bow-type Asura/Rakshasa arrow skill used to
    push opponents backward.
  • Root - Chaya, the Asura/Rakshasa hold skill.
  • Force Field or Shield - usually refers to the Asura/Rakshasa Paraka skill.



  • A/R - Asura/Rakshasa
  • D/G - Deva/Garuda
  • N/K - Naga/Kimnara
  • Y/G - Yaksa/Gandharva
  • Nuker - Deva or Garuda with strong elemental spells.
  • Gandy or Dharva - Gandharva character.
  • Gundam - Naga/Kimnara wearing Tanuvarman armor set .



  • Autodiv - auto-divide option used in the Sistema de party.
  • Basagan - the process of upgrading equipment, can sometimes result
    in upgrade resets and item loss.
  • Decepticons - Shiva followers, originated from the fact that the Shiva emblem
    resembles the Decepticons emblem from The Transformers.
  • Jar or Banga - Vananta's offering pot in the Temple in Mandara.
  • ICBM - Inter Continental Ballistic Missle, another name for the Baoku's
    long range attack.
  • 911 - we need resu.
  • OMW - on my way.
  • ATST - at the same time.
  • OOW - on our way.