Crafting Armors

You can craft armors from Sacrificial Priest Saranu (Anu Village), Armor Salesman Wangddaopo (Jina Village) and Farmer Shunongs (Village of the Outcast) but there is a chance of failure.

Naga/ Kimnara
Asura/ Rakshasa

Jalaka Armor
Jalaka Pants
Jalaka Helmet
Jalaka Gloves
Jalaka Boots
Jayati Armor
Jayati Pants
Maya Helmet
Jayati Gloves
Jayati Boots

Samyuga Armor
Samyuga Pants
Samyuga Helmet
Samyuga Gloves
Samyuga Boots
Visamnnahana Armor
Visamnnahana Pants
Pana Helmet
Visamnnahana Gloves
Visamnnahana Boots
Naga/ Kimnara
Asura/ Rakshasa

Varahaja Armor
Varahaja Pants
Varahaja Helmet
Vaharaja Gloves
Vaharaja Boots
Nuhavati Armor
Nuhavati Pants
Nuhavati Helmet
Nuhavati Gloves
Nuhavati Boots

Rajastanv Armor
Rajastanv Pants
Rajastanv Helmet
Rajastanv Gloves
Rajastanv Boots
Sahasrara Armor
Sahasrara Pants
Sahasrara Helmet
Sahasrara Gloves
Sahasrara Boots
Naga/ Kimnara
Asura/ Rakshasa

Amsatra Armor
Amsatra Pants
Mukuta Helmet
Amsatra Gloves
Amsatra Boots
Pratana Armor
Pratana Pants
Bitaka Helmet
Pratana Gloves
Pratana Boots

Pradana Armor
Pradana Pants
Savestana Helmet
Pradana Gloves
Pradana Boots
Kajcuka Armor
Kajcuka Pants
Kalapana Helmet
Kajcuka Gloves
Kajcuka aBoots


First, you need to produce the 1st ingredients. Go to any of the
NPC's mentioned and choose "Create Defense Item".

If you go to Saranu, you will see this screen:


Then in the next screen, click
"Produce 1st ingredients from the collected item".


The next screen will show the list of 1st ingredients to be produced.
Select on which you want to produce.