Essay format

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Essays are written pieces on a certain subject. Most people’s first encounter to these types of writing would be during their earlier school days when the five-paragraph essay format is introduced to them. Essays like these are highly structured pieces that follow an essay format that begins with an introduction of the main topic and followed by a three-paragraph body, with each paragraph presenting an idea or an argument that supports the main topic. These essays end with a conclusion where the main idea is reiterated and a quick summary of all the arguments are given.
While there are many kinds of essay format, here are the most common ones:
A Narrative Essay: Tells a Story
writing a narrative essay, writers have to try to involve the readers by giving a vivid description of the events, place, people, or feeling they are writing about. A well-written narrative essay would usually end in a conclusion or a personal statement.
Descriptive Essays: Paints a Picture
This essay show the readers what it’s trying to communicate through its description utilizing colorful words and sensory details. It usually appeals to the reader’s emotions.
Expository Essays: Tells Known Truths
Essays like these are encountered for academic and news-telling purposes.. Expository essays are strictly impersonal and must contain only the whole proven truth and nothing but the truth. Personal feelings and biases should be disregarded in this kind of writing.
The safest way to write an essay would be by following the five-paragraph rule. This could be used when writing to convince or prove a point as it is structured with an academic purpose in mind.
make sure your first sentence is attention-grabbing. A sentence that starts offevolved with an movement, behavior, or approximately being human might normally help.
state your main point.
a preview of your 3 subtopics have to be mentioned within the main paragraphs.
Body Paragraphs
start with a topic sentence that mentions your point. Open this with a transition. ensure there’s clean transition between this new paragraph and your preceding paragraph.
consist of assisting info, examples, or proof of your argument.
give a proof on how your argument proves your predominant factor.
Restate your main point. Make sure to transition smoothly from your previous paragraph.
Rephrase and summarize each of the arguments you gave.
End with a call to action.

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