History research paper topics

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The purpose in writing a research paper in history is to analyze primary and secondary sources and to answer a research question. The answer to this question should be expressed as an argumentative thesis statement. The research paper parallels the writing in professional scholarly history books and articles; the writing is thesis-driven and seeks to prove a point. It is important for you to show why the topic matters, and how it relates to the time period under discussion, rather than why it should matter now; the writer should keep the focus of the paper within a historical context, and consider the question, “Why did this topic matter to people at that time?” Therefore, students usually refer to the Internet in order to find history research paper topics.
Here are some examples of the history research paper topics:
World War II Operation Barbarossa – Nazis invade Russia in biggest military movement of the time
World War II Crimes Against Humanity. What happened at the Nuremburg War Trials and War Crimes Tribunal in Japan? What was the legal process to prosecute and punish war criminals?
World War II April 1945 – many events happened in this month including FDR, Hitler and Mussolini dying, the Soviets taking Berlin, UN established, the last battles and others
World War II Winston Churchill – the Lion of Britain, what did he do to keep Britain active and fighting?
World War II RAF – the Royal Air Force almost by itself saved Britain from being taken by the Nazis
The Holocaust Nazi Aryan Racial Theory – the Germans taught that Aryan Race was biologically superior, describe their convoluted science.
The Holocaust Death Camps – there were other camps besides Auschwitz, describe the camp system
The Holocaust Why West didn’t Stop the Death Camps – one of the lasting questions of the war… what did the west know and why did they ignore the slaughter
The Holocaust Final Solution – Hitler’s controversial plan to finally eliminate all Jews from Europe
World War II Battle of Stalingrad – one of the most incredible stories of the Russian war with Nazis
World War II Yalta & Potsdam Conference – the two big meetings of the Ally leaders to decided what would happen after the war… starts the Cold War
The Cold War Cold War & Germany – how Germany was divided and the Berlin Wall meant to the Cold War
The Cold War Cold War in South America – US and USSR compete in Latin America
The Cold War Cold War & Africa – US and USSR compete in Africa
The Cold War Arms Race – the race to build more and better nuclear weapons
If you want to find more history research paper topics, you always can search on the Internet or ask your professor for help.

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