Guild System


Guild - an intermediate cooperation system or grouping between players who are followers of the same god.

Ashram Identifiers

  • Ashram mark is indicated on the user ID (Ashram mark, Ashram name, user name).
  • A User title display is also generated by the system.
  • The Ashram mark provided by the system is displayed on the upper side of user ID.
    It also displays the level of the Ashram mark and the subjects.
  • No donation is required for Ashram members.

How to Form Ashram:

  • To generate Ashram, the user level should be above 10.
  • The total number of users needed to form an Ashram is 50. It must be formed by
    players with same major god (Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu).
  • Ashram can be formed by possessing 30 thousand Rupiah and then by clicking on
    the Ashram generation button which can be accessed from Vinanta.
  • The Ashram Raja generates the name of the Ashram.
  • Ashram name cannot be changed. The length of Ashram name is limited to 18
    alphabet characters.

How to Dissolve Ashram:

  • Only Ashram Raja may be able to dissolve the Ashram.
  • A message (yes/no) will be displayed when Ashram master confirms Ashram
    dissolution. Click on "yes" to dissolve Ashram.

How to Join an Ashram: