Instalación del cliente

1. Before downloading TANTRA please check the specs of your computer.
2. TANTRA will only run with Direct X 9.0 or higher.
3. We suggest that you close other programs when downloading TANTRA.


How to Install Tantra

Option 1 – Homepage Download

    • log in at homepage
    • click on the client download mirror 1 link
    • dialog box appears – open or save the exe file
    • after install complete, double click .exe file and follow instructions


Option 2 - CD Installer

    • check if your PC meets the minimum requirements written on the CD
    • Insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive
    • Follow the installation instructions


Starting Tantra

Start-Up Screen/Update Menu

This is the default start-up menu for Tantra containing the following commands:

    After the file check is finished, click on the icon to proceed directly to the game.
    Allows for the configuration of graphic and sound settings.
    Choose from the three default settings – low, medium, high
    Verifies if the patches and files are updated and complete.
    Automatically downloads the latest files and patches.
  • WEB
    Redirect to the Tantra official website (www.tantra-game.com).
  • EXIT
    Logs out from the update menu.


Log-in to Tantra Server
Be sure you are connected to the internet

Users log in their ID (username) and password to play the game.
Click OK to continue or Cancel to exit the program.




Lists the names of available servers.

Users have the option to choose their preferred game server.

The character/s created on a specified server can only be played on that server.





How to Create Your Tantra Character

1. From the Select Clan option, click on the arrows beside the character name.
(Right arrow = forward, Left arrow = back)

2. Distribute the 7 chakra points from among the four categories.
(all slots must be filled up with at least one point)

3. To reconfigure the chakra points, just click on the reset button.

4. Characters can be customized thru the SELECT FACE and SELECT HEAD options.

5. Players must select a name for their characters. Name duplication is disallowed.

6. Once all the requirements are met, click on the create character button to proceed.