Making Potions

Making Panaka Type Medicines
(Tapas Potions)

There are two NPC's where you can create Panaka Type Medicines or Tapas Potions. You can find these NPC's at Mandara Village (Pharmacist Karan) and Anu Village (Jeweler Nara). Since Panaka Type Medicines or Tapas Potions are not sold in the NPC, you have to do it through crafting quest.

To make Panaka Type Medicines or Tapas Potions, you will need Amrita Type Medicines and Mara's Source Liquid. You can buy Amrita Type Medicines or Health Potions from designated NPC's in each town.


Dahara Amrita
Spara Amrita
Atanu Amrita
Utara Amrita


Then to make Mara's Source Liquid, this chart will help you understand how.


Source Liquid Crafting

Mara's Blood

Mara's Dried Blood

Mara's Red Blood

Mara's Red Black Blood

Mara's Liquid

Mara's Black Blood

Mara's Good Blood


Just choose "Create Mara's Source Liquid" in the option from either NPC's.


Now you got the ingredients. The Amrita Type Medicine and Mara's Source Liquid.
Click on the next option "Make Panaka Type Medicine"
to start the Panaka Type Medicine crafting process.


To help you understand Panaka Type Medicine Crafting better, this chart will help.


Ingredient 1
Ingredient 2
(20 pcs)
Panaka Type
Medicine (20 pcs)
1 x

Dahara Panaka
1 x

Atanu Panaka
1 x

2 x

Spara Panaka
3 x

Utara Panaka