Player vs. Player Mode (PVP)

  • Player vs. Player (PVP) mode allows users to attack and kill each other at will. The
    official PVP area is Kruma where players belonging to different Gods may challenge
    each other in God Wars or Guild Wars. Outside Kruma, PVP has an entirely
    different effect.
  • The Karma system in Tantra discourages users to kill at will.
  • Killers (characters whose names are marked in red) can be freely attacked by
    any player and whoever gets the last hit on the killer will be able to pick up the
    dropped rupiahs.
  • The major disadvantage for killers is that they are almost immediately attacked
    by mobs once they step out of safe areas.
  • Not only do they lose rupiahs, they also lose pranas every time they are killed. The
    only way to decrease karma points is to either wait it out (for hours at a time) or
    keep getting killed by other players.
  • Players who attack any other player will first be identified as an attempted
  • Attempted murderers are distinguished by a violet color in the character's name.
    These characters do not receive karma but they are also prone to becoming the
    target of other players.
  • If the character discontinues his attack of another player, the "violet" status will
    disappear shortly, usually after about 5 minutes.