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  • An overview of in-game guides that provides beginners helpful tips and other basics.
  • Users may also opt to skip this menu by closing the windows.



  • Prompts the user if they want to take the optional beginner’s quest.
  • A dialog box will again pop out asking if the user wishes to skip the beginner’s quest
  • Click OK or press Enter to skip and Cancel to accept

Beginner's Quest -The Beginner's Quest familiarizes the player with character movements, interacting with NPC’s, killing Monstruos, the map, rewards (pranas or experience,) armor, upgrading ingredients, rupiahs, potions, and all other essential in-game components.


Beginner's Quest #1: Collect Items and Sell To Shop

Reward: 10 Dahara Amritas, 200 Rupiahs, Chori Gloves
1. Find Blacksmith Vartan.
2. Get 3 Small Horns by hunting Vasabhums
3. Bring to the Horns to Blacksmith Vartan for the reward.


Beginner's Quest #2: Increase Level

Reward: 50 Pranas, Chori Shoes, 10 Dahara Amrita
1. Go to Defense General Apvas.
2. Increase your level to 1 or more level points by killing Monstruos.
3. Go back to Defense General Apvas for the reward.


Beginner's Quest #3: Repair Item

Reward: Headband, 10 Dahara Amritas
1. Go to Tradesman Buvan to get instructions.
2. Go to Kirika.
3. Repair item and give to Tradesman Buvan. (Repair Fee: 100 Rupiahs)


Beginner's Quest #4: Get Sacrificial Items

Reward: 500 Rupiahs, Chori Pants, 100 Pranas, 10 Dahra Amritas
1. Go to Craftsman Kirika.
2. Get 3 Low Quality Horns and give it to Priest Vananta to receive a reward.
3. Then return to Kirika for your reward.


Beginner's Quest #5: Mlecchas Hunt

Reward: 200 Pranas, 500 Rupiahs, 10 Dahara Amritas, Chori Armor
1. Go to Defense General Apvas.
2. Hunt 10 or more Mlecchas.
3. Go back to General Apvas for your reward.