After registering for your game account, you need to purchase a Tantra prepaid card available in Php30, 50, 100 and 350 denominations or you could also top up thru your credit card.

Afterwards, you just have to follow these simple, no-frills instructions on topping up your account:

1. Go to www.tantra-game.com. Click on the Top Up Now button found under the Log In menu.

2. Type your username and password and click Login or Enter.

3. On the Top Up page, select the mode of topping up you wish to employ
(either pre-paid or credit card).


4. Enter the PIN code and Serial Number of your card on the fields provided for then click on the Top Up button to activate your account.

5. You are now ready to get into the game. Please read the User Agreement for all applicable terms and conditions.

6. Visit www.tantra-game.com and forums.tantra-game.com for more news and updates.