Innovative Features of Tantra

Tantra is an innovative and cutting-edge form of RPG. By infusing an oriental storyline and element to it, the game presents a fresh approach to the popular genre.

The characters in the game are subservient to a certain god (the 3 major gods) with their abilities and skills highly dependent on the characteristics of that god. Tantra also has four chakra points and three different ranks to choose from.

All of the three gods in Tantra possesses antagonistic relationships over the subcontinent of India. The game revolves around the exploit of the three gods and the events within the eight tribes of the humans. Each player chooses one major God at the start of the game. Characters with different gods play the game together. Upon reaching a pre-determined level, the players then engage in a battle royale at certain places in the game.

A slew of unique items and weapons coupled with exciting task experiences further enhance the skills and abilities of the characters in the game.

  • Full 3D Camera Views
    Control your view! You’ll never lose track of all the action as you can rotate,
    zoom in or out on your character and the 3D environment with Tantra’s 360° fully
    user-controlled camera views.
  • Customizable Characters
    Customize! Modify your characters with cool hairstyles and funky facial features.
    The details come out with amazing clarity, thanks to the latest 3D graphics engine.
  • Realistic and Real-Time Gaming Experience
    Marvel at the heavens! Look up at Tantra’s beautiful skies as it changes from
    day to night and vice versa!
  • Gadgets galore!
    Select from a multitude of weapons, items, and equipment to choose from
    and upgrade!
  • Earn and upgrade!
    Sell and trade your weapons and items with other gamers to
    earn additional rupiahs and gain new weapons.
  • Communicate!
    Chat with fellow gamers and add your friends to your in-game directory!
  • Quests
    Explore! One can engage in the many enthralling Tantra game quests.
  • Party
    Socialize! Make new friends you go about your quest and form parties composed
    of other players.
  • Guild
    Lead the way! As the Ashram Guild Master, you can customize your guild by
    adding your own unique logo and Guild name. All Ashram guild members will have
    this displayed over their characters.
  • Unique Character Build-Up
    Power up! With Tantra’s complex character skill tree, you can imbue your
    characters with highly-specialized skills and attributes.
  • PVP
    No holds barred! Prove that you have the meanest and mightiest character by
    going up against other players in the Player vs. Player mode.
  • Guild Wars
    Battle Royale! Join the Guild Wars and stomp your class among the other guilds.
  • God Wars
    Represent and defend! Proceed to the God’s Warfare Area and get ready to
    rumble in defense of your god.
  • In-Game events with real life rewards
    Finder’s Keepers! Collect in-game memorabilia and exchange them for real
    Tantra goodies and freebies.