Upgrading and Repairing Weapons

Three things are required to upgrade a weapon or armor:

1. a specific amount of rupiahs,
2. an upgrade ingredient,
3. and the weapon/armor you wish to upgrade.

Basic upgrade ingredients can be purchased from Jeweler Ashuri of Mandara Village.

For weapon upgrades, the player can use either a Dipa Illa (level 1-3) or Illa (level 1-5). Dipa Illas can be obtained by defeating Monstruos or from buying them from other players. For armor upgrades, the player can use Manipura (muscle+1), Vishuda (nerve+1), Anahata (heart+1) and Azna (mental+1). 

Other higher upgrades for both weapons and armor will be made available to the user as the game progresses.



  • Go to the refinery (a golden training altar located in the west side of
    Mandara Village).
  • Clicking on the altar will open a window entitled ‘Refinery’.  Place the weapon or
    armor to be upgraded in the ‘Item’ slot. Place the upgrade ingredient(s) in the
    ‘Resource’ slots.  The cost of upgrade in rupiahs will  then appear.
  • Click the ‘Train’ button and wait for the outcome.



  • Each weapon or armor has a durability value that determines if the item is still
    suitable for use.  After prolonged use, this value will decrease.  An item that has
    reached 0-durability is useless. 
  • Weapons can be repaired at any weapon vender, such as Blacksmith Vartan of
    Mandara Village or Weapon Man Vibvan of Anu Village.  Armor can be repaired
    at any armor vendor such as Craftsman Kirika of Mandara Village or Priestess
    Saranu of Anu Village.