War of the Eight Kings

With the collapse of the Gatekeeper’s defenses, the humans from the eight regions banded together for one last stand. Each region was commanded by eight noble heroes who rallied them into war. Their heroic resistance proved to be a match to Mara’s army and they went on to engage the dark forces for 1 yogi year (10 years).

The war raged on with both sides incurring massive casualties. Mara and his minions staged a desperate final assault but were eventually repulsed by the gallant humans. It turned out to be a bittersweet victory as the humans paid a terrible price for their valor. Mantra was reduced to rubbles and the eight heroes sacrificed their lives to lock away the evil Mara from Tantra for eternity.

As a fitting tribute to the eight heroes selflessness, the grateful humans renamed them as the Eight Kings. Their acts of courage became tales passed on through generations. Unfortunately, the memories of the war and the Eight Kings were eventually erased from the collective memories of the humans they once saved.

The Volviendo de la era oscura

Seven yogi years (70 years) passed and the humans were gradually recovering from the effects of the terrible war. A once barren land turned into fertile grounds where new cities sprouted. They christened one of the cities Mantra Plava, the place where the descendants of the eight tribes lived in relative peace and harmony.

The untimely departure of the three gods left a gaping hole in the people’s quest for enlightenment. Many started to question the established truths and beliefs. They started to argue over the tenets of their religion including the real version of Brahma’s death. These bickering led to conflicts in ideologies which resulted into many religions being established and various questions unresolved.

In this age of confusion and discord, the fragile peace that held everything in check was beginning to unravel. Rumors about sightings of malevolent creatures spread like wildfire. Fear was creeping in on the populace and an emerging threat was lurking in the shadows. It was a widely held belief that these beings were Mara’s descendants, otherwise known as Mara’s Blood.

Sightings of Mara’s Blood became widespread, prompting the humans to leave Mantra Plava. They migrated south and began building shelters and defenses from these evil entities. Sadly, lives were still lost during this hurried evacuation.

Numerous assaults were undertaken on the lair of Mara’s Blood. These gallant attempts failed to hold back the impending threat. Devoid of the leadership of the Eight Kings and experiencing division from within, the humans were simply helpless against the evil that was about to engulf their lands.

The era of peace that pervaded for so many years was no more. A new and more vicious evil was about to unleash its fury. It was the epoch of the Dark Age – a time of unspeakable terror and evil.